In our opinion, you deserve to eat good fish.

We provide high quality food for the world.

Food for the world

Arctic Linefish AS is the sales company of The Ervik Havfiske Group, Norway´s largest long line company. We sell and trade sea frozen wild caught fish from sustainable resources. Our vision is to provide high quality food for the world. In our opinion, customers deserve to eat good fish.

Stable supply – Confidence and respect

Our fishing groups longline vessels gives us unique access to the best raw material, and direct influence to sharpen the production after customers demand. We also participate in daily fish auctions to make sure that we always have a broad assortment of products.

In Arctic Linefish, we are innovative and new-thinking. Together with high skilled colleagues in other divisions of The Ervik Group, we constantly have projects going to develop our business and products to meet, or create, news trends world wide. Our quality department secure that our products meets customers expectations, and further that traceability goes all the way back to the fishing ground.

We constantly aim to give our customers confidence in all aspects of our business, and we highly respect their business. We believe that mutual understanding of each others’ marketing mix (product, pricing, transport/punctuality and promotion) gives a stabile foundation for long term business.

We offer a stable supply of good fish.